Opening the Kanban board

You can view all actions within a channel or across channels in Kanban board view.

To open the Kanban board:

  1. In the right panel, click the Action tab.
  2. Click the Fullscreen icon.
    Kanban board icon

    Kanban view opens. 

    Kanban board, grid view

Toggling between grid and list views

To toggle between grid and list views, click the list  view and grid view icons above the channels.

Kanban board, grid view

Kanban board, list view

Viewing and sorting in the Kanban board

The three drop-down lists at the top of the Kanban board  enable you to view and sort actions in multiple ways:



  • All Actions - Display all actions in the channel selected in Channels.
  • Completed - Display completed actions in the channel selected in Channels.
  • Open - Display open (incomplete) actions in the channel selected in Channels



  • Current channel
  • Any channel you have access to
  • All channels you have access to

Sort by


  • Channels  - Sorts tasks by channel in ascending alphabetical order.
  • Channels (Descending) - Sorts tasks by channel in descending alphabetical order.
  • Name - Sorts task by name in ascending order.
  • Name (Descending) - Sorts task by name in descending order.
  • Due Date - Sorts task by due date in ascending order.
  • Due Date (Descending) - Sorts task by due date in descending order.

Searching in the Kanban board

To search for an action in the Kanban board, enter the search term in the search box. AirSend will only search through actions displayed by the current settings in the drop-down lists, and return matching actions with the search term highlighted.

Kanban board, search

Add actions and subactions in list view or grid view the same way you add them in the Actions tab in the right panel. See Processing actions in a channel.

Processing actions in the Kanban board

Most actions in the Kanban board are processed the same way that actions are processed in the Action panel.

In grid view, to access the icons for performing actions, hover over the action card.
Annotated action, grid view

In list view, to access the same icons, hover over the row for the action in the list:
Annotated action, list view

Rearranging actions and subactions in the Kanban board

To rearrange an action or a subaction in the Kanban board's grid view, click its grab bar and drag it to the new location.
Grab bar

To change the position of an action in the grid:

To move an action and make it a subaction

To move a subaction and make it an action

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