If you are the owner of a channel, you have the ability to close it. See Closing, deleting, or archiving a channel.

Closing a channel makes it inactive, but as the owner, you can reopen (and reactivate) it. 

To reopen a closed channel:

  1. To find the closed channel, in the AirSend dashboard's Channel drop-down list, choose Show Closed or Show All. 
    Channels drop-down list in dashboard

    The channel appears on the desktop.
  2. Reactivate the channel from the dashboard or from the open channel:

    • From the dashboard: click the More icon (three dots) on the channel and choose Activate channel.
      Click the More icon and choose Activate channel.
      The channel is reopened.

    • From the open channel: open the channel, and in the channel toolbar, click the Channel settings icon:
      Click Channel Settings icon
      The Channel settings dialog box opens.
      Click the Operations tab, and next to Reopen Channel, click Reopen.
      Reopen channel in Channel Settings dialog box
      Then confirm that you want to reopen the channel.
      The channel is reopened.