UI Messages

FileCloud generates a number of messages for user actions. FileCloud comes with default messages and these can be customized.

The following messages can be changed 

Message TypeDescription
404 ErrorThis is the HTML response shown to user in browser when URL requesting invalid received by FileCloud
Email Subscribe FailureThis is the error if a user email could not be subscribed for notifications
Email Subscribe SuccessThis is the message that will be displayed when user email is subscribed successfully
Email Unsubscribe FailureThis is the error displayed when user email unsubscribe fails.
Email Unsubscribe SuccessThis is the message shown when an user email is unsubscribed
Account Verification FailureThis is the error shown when a user email verification fails
Account Verification SuccessThis is the message shown when a user email verification succeeds
Generic MessageThis is a message used for all other messages shown via the web browser UI
Login Error MessageThis is a HTML message that will be display on user login failures.
This message can be used to show different URLs to users for further help with login (for example, reset an expired AD password).

  1. Log into Administration Portal
  2. Click on "Customization" on the left navigation panel
  3. Click on "UI Messages" tab
  4. Change the entries as needed.
  5. Click on save button