Security Checklist: 9 Client Device Protections

Your users may connect to FileCloud through the wide number of clients such as FileCloud Sync, FileCloud Drive, and your Android or iOS device. 

Monitoring, blocking, and wiping devices

You can monitor, block, and delete content on FileCloud clients using FileCloud's Manage Devices screen.
For more information, see:
Managing Client Devices
Blocking and Remotely Wiping a Client Device

Configuring centralized device management

For most of the FileCloud clients, you can configure default settings in policies, such as authentication types and file deletion requirements. 
See the section Configure Centralized Device Management.

Centralized device management for mobile apps

FileCloud allows you to add custom security policies for its mobile apps, such as requiring an app pin or disabling sharing.
For more information, see Setting Client Application Policies.

Mass deployment

For most of the FileCloud clients, you can configure mass deployment settings for security features such as required use of TLS servers, automatic file locking, and authentication type. 
For more information, see:
Mass Deployment - Default Configuration Support.