ServerLink Fast Mode

In Fast mode, ServerLink performs synchronization without running services directly related to user experience, such as notification, backup, and audit.

Configuring ServerLink to run in Fast mode

You can set ServerLink to run in Fast mode by configuring some or all the recommended settings in the table below. For some of the settings you are required to manually add flags to the cloudconfig.php file; for others, you may enable or disable an option in the Admin portal's Settings tabs.

Depending on your system's requirements or your particular use case, you can use all the recommended settings below or leave out settings for functionality that you want to remain enabled. 

Disabled SL metadata syncdefine("TONIDOCLOUD_SERVERLINK_DISABLE_METADATA_SYNC", true);cloudconfig.php
Disable Notifications Uncheck Enable File Change NotificationsAdmin portal, Settings > Misc > Notifications
Disable Activity Stream define("TONIDOCLOUD_DISABLE_ACTIVITY_STREAM", false);cloudconfig.php
Disable Search IndexIf the button on the right displays Configure, do not click it.
If the button on the right displays Reset, click it disable search indexing.
Admin portal, Settings > Content Search
Disable Content Classification Check Disable Content ClassificationAdmin portal, Settings > Misc > General
Disable Workflow Processingdefine("TONIDOCLOUD_DISABLE_WORKFLOW_CALLBACK", false);cloudconfig.php
Disable Sync Database define("TONIDOCLOUD_DISABLE_SYNC_DATABASE_CALLBACK", false);
This disables FileCloud Sync and FileCloud ServerSync.
Disable Recycle BinIn each enabled policy, in the General tab, set Store Deleted Files to NOAdmin portal, Settings > Policies
Disable User SignupsSet Allow Account Signups to FALSEAdmin Portal, Settings > Admin
Set Audit to REQUEST modeSet Audit Logging Level to REQUESTAdmin Portal, Settings > Admin

Adding settings to cloudconfig.php

  1. Open cloudconfig.php:
    Windows Location: XAMPP DIRECTORY/htdocs/config/cloudconfig.php
    Linux Location: /var/www/config/cloudconfig.php
  2. Add the setting from the above table.