FileCloud Backup Server Installation


Follow these steps to install FileCloud backup server.


  • The FileCloud backup server has to be installed on a new server. Installing the backup server on the production server is not supported by the backup solution. Please refer to Figure 1 for the recommended setup.
  • The FileCloud backup server is added to a fresh FileCloud installation without the need for a FileCloud user license. For this installation, the administrator has to first install FileCloud on the new server and then add backup server capability to it.
  • The target/production FileCloud server must be running same FileCloud version as the FileCloud backup server.

Figure 1: Backup Server Setup

Step 1: Install FileCloud Server

Install latest FileCloud on the backup server. Note that this FileCloud installation is different from the production FileCloud installation. Backup server is same as any FileCloud server except it will only backup other FileCloud installations. The installation of FileCloud backup server starts with installing a FileCloud server using the OS specific installation packages, available in your trial portal. Please find the installation instructions here

Step 2: Install Backup Server

In FileCloud version 19.1 and later, Backupserver is bundled as part of the main installer. If you are installing 19.1 or later, there is no need for a separate download.

By default, the backup server URL is disabled. You must add a setting to both the backup server config file and the production server config file to enable it and access it as a site.

To enable the backup server URL:

  1. In your production server's FileCloud directory, open cloudconfig.php:
    Windows Location: XAMPP DIRECTORY/htdocs/config/cloudconfig.php
    Linux Location: /var/www/config/cloudconfig.php
  2. Add the following:

  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 in your backup server's FileCloud directory.

Now that the base FileCloud server is installed, download the backup server installation package( from here. Assume the file is downloaded to a temporary location as follows:

OSTemporary Location

Now to install backup server, unzip the contents of backup server zip onto the WWWROOT folder of FileCloud server.

OSUnzip commandRemarks

$ sudo cd /var/www/app
$ sudo su - www-data -s /bin/bash -c "unzip /tmp/"

If your WWWROOT is a different folder, adjust the command accordingly.
WinPlace the contents of onto C:\xampp\htdocs\appIf your xampp WWWROOT is a different folder, adjust the command accordingly.

Step 3: Access Backup Server UI

Once the above steps are completed, access the backup server web UI by using the following information:

User nameadmin
PasswordDefault value is 'password'The default password can be changed by visiting the admin server (http://<SERVER_IP>/ui/admin/index.html).

An unconfigured backup server UI will look like this: