FileCloud Backup Server Troubleshooting

Sometimes the backup job stops before completion. The backup server logs can give more details on the reason for this failure. Following are few reasons for a backup job failure.

Unable to request a db dump. Already one in progress.

Everytime a backup job is started, the production FileCloud server creates a lock, so that it cannot be interfered by another backup job.
This error can be seen in the backup server logs if there was a backup job that failed or canceled previously and the lock is not removed.
To remove the lock, on the FileCloud server, which is to be backed up, look for the folder WWWROOT/scratch/dbdump*
If there is no other backup job running currently, this directory can be removed safely and a new backup job can be started.

Skipping Large AuditDB for backup

You need to add this flag in the file backupagent.php of production server if the auditdb is too large to take backup.

define('BACKUPAGENT_DBS_TO_BACKUP',"tonidosettings, tonidoclouddb, tonidosyncdb, tonidostoragedb")

So the AuditDB will be skipped during backups.