Storage Scanner Tool for Missing Files

The Storage Scanner tool is available in FileCloud version 21.1 and later.

The storage scanner tool checks if each file entered into the FileCloud database has a corresponding physical file in storage. If a physical file is missing, the storage scanner prints its database entry details. An admin can remove the invalid files listed from the database.

The tool is storagescanner.php, and is located in C:\xampp\htdocs\resources\tools\fileutils

To run the Storage Scanner tool:

  1. In a command line enter:

    For Windows:

    cd c:\xampp\htdocs\resources\tools\fileutils

    For Linux:

    cd /var/www/html/resources/tools/fileutils/
  2. Then, for both Windows and Linux, enter:

    php  storagescanner.php [-h hostname]


-h hostname - (optional ) fully qualified name of the site in a  multisite installation. Do not include this parameter for a default site or a standalone site.

Sample output

Looking at default host
Scanning storage for missing files
Processed count : 100
Processed count : 200
Processed count : 300
Missing file in storage: /tester/3/vHGK.docx -> 0/5ecbc9bfa5e39606437822/5ecbc9bfa9a8a133028276/602ef8f0e35bb575222337.dat
Missing file in storage: /tester/3/Lsp.doc -> 0/5ecbc9bfa5e39606437822/5ecbc9bfa9a8a133028276/602ef90638ae0643407781.dat
Scanning complete
Folders Scanned           : 43
Files Scanned           : 351