Database Issues


Do you have an error code?

 If not, use the following list of problems on this page to read about possible causes and resolutions. 


Under certain conditions, database entries can get out of sync with physical file entries.

When this happens you may see the following issues:

  • File sync errors
  • Failure to download files that exist in the system


Many factors can cause this issue.


Out-of-sync database issues can be fixed by using the Scan tool.

Please consult with technical support before attempting these operations.


To check/repair database errors, PHP CLI mode access must be enabled by adding the following line to the end of the PHP ini file:

In Windows, the PHP ini file is located at XAMPP\php\php.ini
In Linux, the PHP ini file is located at /etc/php5/cli/php.ini

Check for Errors

Once the CLI mode is enabled, follow these steps to check databases. 

A report of the errors found, report.html is listed.

  1. In a command line, enter:
    For Windows:

    cd c:\xampp\htdocs\resources\tools\consistency

    For Linux:

    cd /var/www/html/resources/tools/consistency
  2. Then, for both Windows and Linux, enter:

    To find and list errors in the databases from the default site:

    php scan.php -h default > report.html

    To find and list errors in a multi-tenant site, provide the tenant URL:

    php scan.php -h > report.html
  3. If there are errors found, run the repair operation.

Repair Errors

To repair errors found in the check process, run:

php scan.php -h default -f True


The above command needs sudo access, to have enough permissions to remove stray thumb and versioned files.
Previous versions of the script, checkfc.php and repairsfc.php, are deprecated.