Governance Setup

Governance in FileCloud

Data governance encompasses the aspects of data management that ensure that data is valid, secure, accessible or inaccessible in the right circumstances, and compliant with regulations. FileCloud's data governance features include:

  • Smart classification - Tags files with specific types of information, such as personally identifiable information (PII).
  • Smart DLP - Prevents data leaks by controlling which files are uploaded, downloaded, and shared according to conditions you create. For example, download could be prevented in certain domains or file paths.
  • Retention policies - Require certain files to be maintained in your system for specified time periods.
  • Compliance center - Helps you make your system compliant and indicates where it is not compliant.
  • DRM - Secures files by requiring that they be viewed through a secure viewer that can block downloading and printing or hide portions of content. See DRM for exporting secure documents.

To set up governance in your system, see the topics in this section: