Installing FileCloud Drive

Current FileCloud Drive users (DocIQ users): Later this year, DocIQ will be deprecated, and FileCloud will no longer support it. Although you can continue to use DocIQ, we recommend using FileCloud for Office, which can be downloaded from the Office add-ins store. Now, when you upgrade FileCloud Drive, you are given the choice of using FileCloud for Office or continuing to use DocIQ. If you choose to use FileCloud for Office, please see the Using FileCloud for Office with Drive documentation.

Beginning in FileCloud Version 21.3, Drive installs into the folder Program Files instead of the folder Program Files(x86)

To install FileCloud Drive:

  1. Download FileCloud Drive from the following URL:
  2. To run the installation wizard, click the FileCloudDrive2eSetup.exe execution file you just downloaded.
    The first screen of the wizard currently gives you information about the new FileCloud for Office feature.

  3. Click Next.

  4. Leave the checkbox checked, and click Next.
    If you are already a Drive user using DocIQ, and this is an upgrade, the next screen gives you the option of using DocIQ or FileCloud for Office. For more information, see Using FileCloud for Office with Drive. If you are a new Drive user, the following screen does not appear.

    The next screen appears:
  5. Click Install.
    The wizard shows the installation's progress.

    When installation is complete, the following screen appears:
  6. Leave Yes, restart the computer now selected to begin using Drive or the latest version of Drive, and click Finish.