Advanced XML Drive Options

FileCloud Drive supports various config options that can be used to change its behavior.

Typically these changes are not required or recommended 

The config file is stored at location  "C:\Program Files\FileCloud Drive\service\config.xml"

Changing config options always requires a restart of FileCloud Drive.



Specifies the version of TLS that the Drive application uses.


  • Client - (default) Use the highest value supported by the server.
  • TLS 1.x - Use the version of TLS selected. (Chosen version must be supported by server or you will not be able to connect.)

Determines if strict ssl verification is used when connecting to servers over HTTPS (SSL)

Example: <sslverify>VERIFY_NONE</sslverify>

maxdownloadsizeinmbValid number or 0

This key will set the file size limits in MB (0 will set it to not use any limit) . This can be changed by user using system tray option

For example, to set the max file download size to 10 MB, add the following key


mountpointoverrideValid drive letter  or "DEFAULT"

This key will cause drive to use the specified drive letter to mount the FileCloud server. Note that if the drive letter is not valid or available, the mount will fail

For example, to set FileCloud to be mounted on "U:", set

logleveldebug or information

This key set the log level of the debug messages generated by drive. The default value is "information". This can be changed to "debug" to generate verbose logs for debug purposes

To set the level to "debug"

cachelocationvalid path in system or "DEFAULT"

The default cache path is %APPDATA%/FileCloud Drive/ . This path can be changed to a different location (Ensure the path has correct permissions. The path should be a local path with fast access.

For example , to change path to D:\drivecache, change the key to


multimountValid number is 1

This will allow starting multiple FileCloud Drives on the same computer (and allow mounting different cloud locations simultaneously) NOTE: THIS WILL NOT SAVE THE LOGIN INFORMATION AND WILL REQUIRE ENTERING THE INFORMATION EVERY TIME ON DRIVE STARTUP

Default: (not allow multiple instances to run)


To allow multiple instances to run

autocheckforupdates1 - Enabled
0 - Disabled 

Automatic check for updates will be done if this setting is set to 1. Set it to 0 and restart FileCloud Drive to disable to automatic check.

To disable:


To enable:


allowthumbsdbupload1 - Enabled
0 - Disabled 

Allow/Prevent thumbs db to be uploaded to the FileCloud server.

To disable:


To enable:

drivedefaultstorageingbBy Default it is set to 15. As per your requirement you can add any number.

This will increase the storage space of the FileCloud Drive user.

Note: The FileCloud user must have unlimited storage quota. Only then drivedefaultstorageingb value will be applied.


0 - Enable auto-login

1 - Disable auto-login

By default, auto-login is enabled. Disabling auto-login prevents Drive from remembering the password. To disable it, set "disableautologin" to "1".

To enable auto-login (default):


To disable auto-login:



To enable:


To disable:


If enabled, when a file or folder is deleted, it is not placed in the local recycle bin.

Instead of entering the <harddelete> tags in the config file, you can add a key to your Registry Editor:

  1. Open your Registry Editor.
  3. Create the subkeys: CodeLathe\FileCloud\DefaultCfg\harddelete.
  4. To enable, set harddelete to "true"; to disable, set it to "false".

enableshortcachepath1 - Enabled
0 - Disabled 
Changes long cache path composed of FileCloud URL + username to a random 10-digit name.

To enable the short path:

To disable the short path and use the FileCloud URL + username (default):