FileCloud File Browser

FileCloud's standalone File Browser is available beginning in FileCloud 21.2.

The FileCloud File Browser lets you work in a file explorer format where you can perform the same view, share, edit, and delete file operations that you perform in the user portal. 

Install and open File Browser


First, install File Browser for Windows or Mac:

Install File Browser on Windows.

Install File Browser on a Mac.

Running File Browser

If you leave the default settings, File Browser begins running and opens when installation is complete.

To start File Browser when it is not running, in your system navigation panel, open the File Browser folder and click the File Browser icon.

File Browser opens:

System tray icon

When File Browser is running, an icon appears in your system tray. Right click on it to see the following options;

  • Open Website - Opens FileCloud in the user portal.
  • File Browser - Opens the File Browser.
  • Search the Cloud - Opens the File Browser search dialog box.  See Search for a File or Folder in File Browser.
  • Run at Windows Startup - Enabled by default. File Browser starts when you start your system.
  • Logout - Log out of File Browser. You will be prompted to log in again.
  • Exit - Close File Browser without logging out. The icon disappears from the system tray.

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