Sync Network Folders for Offline Access


  • Your administrator must enable Sync Network Folders in settings for network storage.
  • To be able to sync a network folder, you must have read and write permissions to the folder. Read-only network folders are not available for Sync.

If you are an administrator, please see Create a LAN-Based Network Folder.

Network Folders are not synced in real time by the sync app.

  • By default, only files in My Files (Managed Storage) are synced in real time without user intervention.
  • Network Folders are typically very large, storing gigabytes (sometimes terabytes), of data. 
  • Therefore, by default, Sync apps don't sync Network Folders in real time to the local machine as storage might not be available. 
    However, you can choose to sync individual Network Folders in real time. See Realtime syncing for Network Folders for more information.

Add Network Folder offline access

  1. In the System Tray, right-click on the FileCloud Sync icon, and then Open.
    The mini-dashboard opens.
  2. At the bottom of the mini-dashboard, click Dashboard.
    The main dashboard opens.
  3. In the left panel of the dashboard, click Network Folders.
  4. Click Add Folders.

    The Select Folders dialog box opens.
  5. Expand Network Shares until you reach the folder that you want to sync.
  6. In Schedule, choose how often you want to sync the folder.
  7. Check Remote Delete if you want to sync delete operations for the Network Folder's files. If you do not check Remote Delete, when a file is deleted in Sync's content explorer folders, it remains in the network location after syncing.
  8. Click Add Network Folder.
    The Select Folders dialog box closes and the network folder is added for syncing.

Edit offline access settings for network folders

  1. In the Network Folders window of the dashboard, click the network folder.
    The folder's settings appear in the lower portion of the window.
  2. Change the Schedule or the setting for Remote Delete.

    If you set Schedule to Automatically for a selected Network Folder, the size and number of files synced is included in the Main dashboard under Cloud Storage instead of Network Folders. The system must be configured correctly for the Automatically option to appear in the drop-down list and to work correctly. See Realtime syncing for Network Folders for more information.

Sync a network folder manually

  1. In the Network Folders window of the dashboard, click the network folder.
    The folder's settings appear in the lower portion of the window.
  2. Click Run Now.
    The file is synced immediately or when the queue is clear.

    You can also sync Network Folders manually from the Dashboard screen and from the mini-dashboard.

For Administrators: Enable deletion of remote network files with offline Sync

By default, for security purposes, deleted local files and folders in your Sync folders in file explorer are not deleted on the remote server. To enable remote server file delete, users must check the Remote Delete box as shown above or on the page Step 3 Sync Network Folders.

To enable this option if you are an administrator, enable remote deletion of files via offline sync in the admin settings for the network share. 

  1. Open the Admin portal, and in the navigation pane, click Network Folders.
  2. Click the edit button for the folder.
  3. Check Allow Remote Deletion of Files Via Offline Sync.
  4. Click Update.