My Files, Team Folders, Network Shares, and Shared with Me

At the top of the navigation pane of the user portal is a folder labelled All Folders that contains the four folders that organize all of your FileCloud files.  
The My Files folder appears for all users with Full user accounts. Team Folders and Network Shares appear if you have been given access to them. Shared with Me appears if another user has shared a file or folder with you.

 My Files stores your private files. Your administrator sets the amount of space you have to store files.

 Team Folders provides a single place where teams in a company can store and organize files and folders.

  • Team folders are created and shared by your administrator
  • You can invite other users to access files in the Team Folder
  • Files that you upload to the Team folder do not count against your storage quota

 Network Shares allows you to access files on your company's servers. 

  • These folders can be mounted in FileCloud and appear as locations inside the Network Shares folder.
  • Administrators cannot give external users access to network shares.
  • To add external users to a network share, a user with FULL access has to share the folder directly with the external user. Administrators will receive an error if they try to grant access to Network Shares to a user with EXTERNAL access.

Shared with Me contains folders named for the users who have shared files and folders with you. Each folder contains the files and folders shared with you by the user it is named for. 

Either click the folder name in the navigation pane,
or from the dashboard, click the folder icon in the main window . . .

. . . to view a list of the folder's contents.

You can also click the arrows next to folder names in the navigation pane to expand them and display their sub-folders: