Run ServerSync as a Service

It is recommended that you run ServerSync as a service.

  • Synchronization of a local Windows File Server with a FileCloud Server or FileCloud Online (hosted by CodeLathe) is usually unattended and is configured to run automatically
  • If a file server is unattended, it can restart without an administrator, and unless ServerSync is a service, it will not start when the server restarts.

Configuring ServerSync to run as a service will not allow the 'Quick Edit' to work.


Install ServerSync to Run as a Service

To register ServerSync as a service:

  1. Download and install ServerSync as usual.
  2. Start it up and enter the URL and credentials as usual.
  3. Configure ServerSync to run as needed.
  4. Uncheck the Option for Automatic Startup on Login.
  5. After settings are done, exit out of ServerSync.
  6. Open the following file for editing:

  7. Make the following changes:

    syncclientlocationChange DEFAULT to absolute paths.Make sure it matches the sync client folder that sync has already setup or things won't work.
  8. Your code should look similar to the following example: 

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
  9. Save your changes and close the file.
  10. Copy the syncclientconfig.xml file you just edited to the following location

    C:\Program Files\FileCloudServerSync
  11. To register the ServerSync client as a service, run the following command prompt in Administrator Mode. Note the space after each "=" in each parameter. 

    sc create serversync binpath= "C:\Program Files\FileCloudServerSync\fssyncservice.exe" displayName= "FileCloud ServerSync Service"
  12. Start the sync app normally using the Services Control Panel applet.
  13. If the app doesn't startup properly, please check the c:\windows\temp\fsservicestartup.log file.

 Stop ServerSync from Running as a Service 

If you are troubleshooting or need Quick Edit to work, you can stop ServerSync from running as a service.

To unregister ServerSync as a service:

  1. Run the following command prompt in Administrator Mode. Note the space after each "=" in each parameter.

sc delete serversync