January 11, 2021

Patch 20.3.1 fixes these issues.
Server ACLCL-7962In Version 20.3, when a group was denied access to a shared team folder's sub-folders, but a single user from the group was given access, the other users in the group could view sub-folder names only. This has been fixed.
ServerBackupCL-7950A problem causing the server to perform a full backup when an incremental backup was selected has been fixed.
ServerLoginCL-7944After upgrading from 20.1 to 20.3, a user was unable to log in with a custom admin username. This has been fixed. 
ServerMetadataCL-7925A problem preventing the correct application of metadata to files uploaded by limited users has been fixed.
ServerPrivacy consentCL-7920The User Consent Dialog Text box, which is no longer used, has been removed from settings.
ServerS3CL-7989A problem that prevented users from sharing sub-folders and their contents in S3 Network Folders has been fixed.
ServerSMSCL-7958The 2FA TOTP SMS provider was experiencing delays when a large number of uploads were in progress. This has been fixed.
ServerSSOCL-7983Support for overriding server URL for SAML SSO authentication has been added.