Minor Releases and

July 20, 2022

If you are using FileCloud 21.3, you may directly upgrade from the FileCloud admin portal.

If you are using an earlier version of FileCloud, you must perform a complete upgrade. 
Complete upgrade instructions:
Windows: Upgrade using Update Tool (Windows Only)
Linux: Run the LINUX Upgrade Script

 Minor Server Release and Minor Client Release fix these issues.
ServerDLP, Google AppsCL-10820Files that were blocked from read/download by a DLP rule were able to be previewed using Google Apps. This has been fixed.
ServerDownloadCL-10945When several files were downloaded as a zip file, the zip file was corrupt. This has been fixed.
ServerGoogle DocsCL-10738When Google Apps was set up incorrectly, the incorrect message, "HTTP FAILURE : SERVER_ERROR 500", appeared. Now the correct message, "Google Docs OAuth Client not found, please contact the administrator.", appears.
ServerGroupsCL-10881Users whose names began with 0 could not be added to groups. This has been fixed.
ServerLimited accountsCL-10928When a limited access user was logged in, the mobile browser displayed "Admin." This has been fixed.
ServerNetwork FoldersCL-11059A problem preventing users from creating sub-folders under long network folder paths has been fixed.
ServerPasswordCL-11188The audit log displayed some passwords in plain text. This has been fixed. 
ServerPDF viewerCL-10851To avoid phishing issues on hosted trial servers,  PDF links are now disabled.
ServerRecaptchaCL-11184The error code displayed for incorrect username or password was different when recaptcha was enabled. This has been fixed.
ServerRecycle binCL-11095Requests to empty the recycle bin or remove old versions timed out. This has been fixed.
ServerRetention policyCL-10802When a retention policy involved multiple metadata, the policy only displayed one metadata condition (although it applied all of them). This has been fixed.
ServerSearchCL-10807A problem causing numeric usernames to only be found by advanced searches has been fixed.
ServerShareCL-10864Users were unable to share when the default Share Mode in their policy was set to Allow Private Share Only and Disallow Default Share Settings Change in their policy was set to YES. This has been fixed.
ServerShareCL-10728When a share's restrictions were made more restrictive, the permission updates to reshares caused the system to go into a loop. This has been fixed.
ServerSIEMCL-11277In the audit log for SIEM, some passwords were shown. This has been fixed.
ServerSlowdownCL-10587Loops occurring during session timeouts and during downgrading of share permissions have been fixed


CL-10743The Symfony/Serializer package was updated due to security advisories about its current version.
ServerTeam foldersCL-11301Files were not deleted from the recycle bin although they were set in the Team Folder policy to be deleted after 7 days. This has been fixed.
ServerTeam foldersCL-10813

Transfer of ownership of a reshare for a Team Folder caused an error. This has been fixed.

ServerThemeCL-10855When an admin changed the color of the user portal from the admin portal it did not have an effect if the theme was in light mode. This has been fixed.
Servertmp filesCL-10938The files in the tmp directory were not properly purged daily due to a CRON error. This has been fixed.
ServerUpgradeCL-10895When FileCloud was upgraded from 20.3 to 21.3, Admin users were not imported with their roles. This has been fixed.
ServerUser InterfaceCL-11057When the license that supported hiding "Powered by FileCloud" was installed, the label still appeared on the admin portal. This has been fixed.
ServerWorkflow automationCL-10624Workflows created using workflow automation were not triggered if My Files was disabled. This has been fixed.
SyncCentralized configurationCL-11099When centralized configuration was set, users were incorrectly allowed to change selective sync configuration (although it was later reset). Now users are not permitted to change selective sync and a message is displayed.
SyncDashboardCL-11000A problem causing the Sync dashboard to appear blank has been fixed.
SyncError messagesCL-11233In several scenarios, when Sync failed to start, an error message was not displayed on the Sync dashboard. Descriptive error messages are now shown.
SyncPasswordCL-10828When the user's password was reset, Sync did not detect it and did not display an "incorrect password" message and prompt the user to enter the new password. This has been fixed.
SyncSSOCL-10872A problem causing SSO login to fail in versions of Sync older than version has been fixed.
SyncStartupCL-11101When Sync failed to connect to the network at startup, the dashboard appeared faded and did not display an error message. This has been fixed.
DriveCopy and pasteCL-11022When a user copied and pasted a modified file, the previous file in the cache was pasted instead of the most recent one. This has been fixed.
DriveEmailCL-11228Emails sent from Drive displayed spaces as %'s. This has been fixed.
DriveLocking filesCL-11438An issue causing Drive to fail to unlock some files has been fixed.
DriveLocksCL-11102A problem causing unlocked files that had been edited but were cached at their previous sizes to be read-only or unable to be opened has been fixed.
DriveLocksCL-11120A problem causing a PowerPoint file opened in MacDrive to be able to be opened and edited in Windows Drive has been fixed.
DriveSSO loginCL-11582Drive crashed when a user logged in with their email address using SSO. This has been fixed.
ServerSyncUploadsCL-10896ServerSync was not uploading .png files that had .tmp in their name. This has been fixed.