Minor FileCloud Release 23.232.1

March 7, 2024

These notes cover the release of FileCloud

To upgrade to this release version, you must perform a complete upgrade of FileCloud. 

See complete upgrade instructions:
For Windows: Upgrade using Update Tool (Windows Only)
For Linux, for FileCloud installations currently at versions lower than 23.232: Upgrade FileCloud on Linux
For Linux, for FileCloud installations already at Version 23.232: Upgrade FileCloud on Linux from Version 23.1 or 23.232 to the Latest FileCloud Version

Release fixes these issues.
AreaReference numberDescription

ACLCL-14237In Team Folders, folders below the first sub-level were not inheriting parent folder permissions. This has been fixed.
ADCL-14091The Active Directory password used when calling AD actions from the admin portal can now be stored in encrypted format.
ADCL-14384In AD environments with certain configurations for email verification, if a user's log on name or email id in AD had upper-case letters, the user was removed from the group in FileCloud during group sync. This has been fixed.
Disallow extensionsCL-13493The extensions .php7 and .htaccess have been added to the default list of extensions that are not allowed to be uploaded.
DriveCL-14217When a user who logged in with SSO logged out of the session, the logs showed the user agent as the Web browser and the logout date as 1970-01-01. This has been fixed.
DriveCL-14144When SSO login was used, a token expiration setting caused Drive client sessions to time out before the user ended the session. This has been fixed by a new setting that applies the SSO timeout setting to sessions in the web browser and not to sessions in Drive client.
ServerSyncCL-14357An issue causing ServerSync to not import NTFS permissions for users with mixed case in AD but lower-case in FileCloud has been fixed.
ShareCL-14272An issue causing the wrong share information to be shown when a Team folder is checked and unchecked quickly has been fixed.
SyncCL-14358A problem was causing Sync to fail to sync all changes affecting large folders. This has been fixed.
UploadCL-14335An issue causing files to appear too slowly in FileCloud after they were uploaded has been fixed.
WorkflowsCL-14285In the "If a file was not modified for specified days - delete file" workflow, if users were listed in the "excluded users" parameter, their files were deleted. This has been fixed.
WorkflowsCL-14297In the "If a file was not modified for specified days - delete file" workflow, if a non-existing Team Folder was specified as the path, all files and folders in Team Folders that were not modified for the specified days were deleted. This has been fixed.
WorkflowsCL-14383The "then" action "Delete the file(s)" when combined with the parameter "delete_empty_folders" was not just deleting the immediate empty folder, but also its parent folders if they were empty. This has been fixed.
Server only fixes

SeedingCL-14344A problem causing the seeding tool to fail to update files over 2 GB has been fixed.
In addition, a parameter has been added to the seeding tool to remove invalid dots in file paths written right to left.