Advisory 2021-04 Security Issues in Apache Solr

Potential Threat of RCE in FileCloud

Security Advisory DateApril 5, 2021
Vulnerability TypeRemote Code Execution
Severity factorsNon-trusted clients and other agents must be able to pass through your network security.
Versions affectedAll versions of FileCloud prior to, on-premises installations only. 
Version fixedFileCloud Version


Apache Solr versions included in FileCloud on-premises installations contained security vulnerabilities of high severity. These flaws potentially allowed attackers to run code to prevent services or access secure information. The latest version of FileCloud includes the updated version of Apache Solr, 8.8.1, which fixes these vulnerabilities.

See the descriptions of the following CVEs at for information about the specific Apache Solr issues causing these threats:

  • CVE-2019-12409
  • CVE-2019-17558
  • CVE-2020-13957


This has been fixed in FileCloud version, which includes the updated version of Apache Solr.

What you should do

  • If you are using a FileCloud on-premises installation, please update it to the latest version, which is or greater.
  • If you are using FileCloud online, you are not affected.

If you have any questions about this advisory, please contact FileCloud support