Managing Metadata Attributes

  Administrators can manage metadata tags in FileCloud.

Attribute Types

Each attribute can have one of the following types:

Attribute typeAccepted valuesUI editor typeValues validation
TextRegular text valueTextBox-
IntegerInteger numbersTextBoxType validation
DecimalDecimal numbersTextBoxType validation
BooleanTrue / False valueCheckBox-
DateDate valueDate picker-
EnumerationOne value from a list of predefined valuesDrop down / Select-
Array (Tag)A number of custom values provided by userTag Input - custom editor-

(warning)  Attribute type cannot change once the definition is saved.

You can use the following ways to manage attributes:

  • Edit Metadata Set Definition window

    • A new attribute can be added by clicking the "Add Attribute" button in the Attributes section of the Metadata definition widget.
    • Existing attributes can be edited by clicking the "Edit Attribute Definition" icon.
    • Existing attributes can be removed by clicking the "Delete Attribute Definition" icon.

  • Tag Input Editor
  • Tag input is a custom editor that allows users to provide multiple values for a single attribute with a better experience.
  • It looks like a regular TextBox but supports multiple values.
  • When user writes a string and presses the Enter or enters a comma a new value is added to the control.
  • It's called a Tag and appears as a text in a blue rectangle. Values can be removed by pressing the cross icon.
  • It is used as the editor for the Array attribute type (in the User Core UI) and as the editor for Predefined values for enumeration attribute type (in the Admin UI).

See a video on Managing Attributes.

(warning) All attribute definition changes take effect when the whole set definition is saved.