New Document Creation via Web Browser


Starting in v17.x, FileCloud supports creating new documents via Web Browser. Once online editing is configured by the administrator, FileCloud users can log in to their portal and create new documents and edit them from within the web browser. 

To enable new document creation

  • Enable Show New Document Creation Option in  Customization > General >UI Features.

Now, in user portal, users can click Add Files and Folders above the list of files. A drop-down list with options for creating new files or a new folder appears. 

If the user chooses to create a file, the file appears at the top of the list of files and folders. The user's cursor is placed in the name. The extension is already entered. The user must type in a name, and click Enter. The document opens for edit.

Readme files

There can only be one readme file in a folder, and it is always named

After a user creates the readme file, when they click Add Files and Folders and choose New Folder Readme, the existing readme is opened for edit.

When a user selects a folder that includes a readme file, the contents of the readme are displayed in the About panel to the right of the screen.