Manage the Recycle Bin Using Policies

Administrators can configure FileCloud to deal with the site's Recycle Bin through policies.


  • Files deleted by users are moved to recycle bin (if enabled). 
  • The files in recycle bin will take up space over time. 

To manage the recycle bin, you can decide what to do with files in the following cases:

If you enable this setting, whenever a user deletes a file, it will automatically be placed in the Recycle Bin.

This allows the user to recover an old file if it is deleted by accident.

(lightbulb) If this option is not enabled, then when a user deletes a file it is removed from FileCloud permanently.

You can automatically clear the files deleted by users and partial uploads.

This is configured by the setting called:

  • Automatically delete File from the Recycle Bin After Set Number of Days

You set this to the number of days you want a deleted file to be kept before being permanently removed. 

  • For example, if the value is set to 7, then files older than 7 days will be deleted automatically.

(lightbulb) If you do not want FileCloud to automatically empty the recycle bin at any time, use a value of 0.

If you do not want deleted files to take up too much space, you can decide to only store deleted files of a certain size.

This is configured in the following setting:

  • Do Not Store Deleted Files Greater Than

(tick)  Files less than this size are stored

(error)  Files greater than this size are permanently deleted 

You can specify the file size in the following ways:

  • GB
  • MB
  • KB
  • B

You can also restrict a user's ability to empty their own recycle bin.

Restrict User's Recycle Bin Options

All of these scenarios can be managed by configuring the built-in policy called Global Default Policy.

Administrators configure options related to Recycle Bin behavior for a user or group in policies.

  • This allows administrators to use different settings for different users and groups. 
  • Administrators can set global recycle bin policies using the Global Default Policy. 
  • The recycle bin configuration settings for Network folders are global and managed in the Admin Portal under the MANAGE section by selecting Network Folders.

For example: In the Cherry Road Real Estate company, every user working in the Accounting office must retain their recycled items for 60 days, but everyone else can have their bins cleared in 30 days. 

The following three Recycle Bin settings exist in Policies:




Store Deleted FilesYES or NOMove the file from it's location in My Files to the recycle bin when the user deletes it

Automatically Delete Files from Recycle Bin After Set Number of Days

Whole number

Number of days after a file was deleted that it will be automatically cleared from the recycle bin (and therefore, no longer be present in FileCloud).

A value of 0 indicates that deleted files will not be cleared automatically. If they are not manually cleared from the recycle bin, they will remain available to be restored in FileCloud but will also use up available storage.

Do Not Store Deleted Files Greater Than Any positive number

of Units:

  • GB
  • MB
  • KB
  • B
 Files Greater than the specified size are permanently deleted.

The number can contain decimals. For example:

  • 0.09765625 GB

You must ensure that the Cron service is running. This is a prerequisite for any automatic functionality in FileCloud Server.

To configure the recycle bin policy:

  1. Log into the Admin Portal.
  2. From the left navigation pane, under SETTINGS, click Settings.
  3. Click the Policies  tab, select the Global Default Policy, and then click the Edit policy  button ().
  4. In the Policy Settings window, in Store Deleted Files, select YES or NO.
  5. If you selected NO, to save your changes, click Save and to close the policy window click Close.
  6. If you selected YES, in Automatically delete File from the Recycle Bin After Set Number of Days, to enable this option, type in a number. To disable this option, type in 0.
  7. If you selected YES, in Do Not Store Deleted Files Greater Than, select the type of unit in Units, and then type in a number.
  8. To save your changes, click Save and to close the policy window click Close.