Desktop Apps Code-Based Authentication

To configure code-based authentication, you must enable it in the Admin Portal and then configure it in the desktop application. 

Admin Configuration

Use these steps to enable code based authentication globally for all users.

  • If this needs to be turned on only for some users you can create a new policy , select  "Enable Code Based Device Authentication" and assign users to the policy.

To enable Code based device authentication:

  1. Open a browser and log in to the Admin portal.
  2. In the left navigation pane, click Settings.
  3. On the Manage Setting screen, select the Policies tab.
  4. In the Manage Policy section, select Global default policy. 
  5. Select the option for Enable Code Based Device Authentication. 

Normally users can login using desktop apps using device authorization code without having to get admin approval. The administrator optionally can configure FileCloud to require user's new devices to be approved by admins before being allowed to be used to login into FileCloud. 

To require admin approval, select the policy option in Settings→Policies→Global Defualt Policy. Note that admin approval can be disabled by policy for some user accounts by creating a separate policy.

When this option is enabled, when a user account attempts to login with a new device, the request is sent for approval by the admin. The device shows up in the Devices tab in the Admin portal.


Select Permissions and select the "Allowed" option to approve the device.

Once approved, the user can now login into their account and approve the device to get the device authorization code as usual.

Note that once the device is approved, the user can re-attempt the whole device code based authentication flow without re-requiring admin approval.

User Login

Once code based authentication is enabled, follow these steps to login with mobile apps :

  1. Go to log in and click Device Code Authentication.

    2. Enter your account and click Request access.

    If the request was successful, you will get the following dialog which requires a device authentication code to login. Click Confirm after inputting the code.

    1. To get the device authorization code, you will need to login into the user website and access the Devices section (go to Settings and click the Devices tab) to approve this device request.

    2. Click the check under Actions.
      A dialog box with a Device Authorization Code opens.

    3. Enter the code into the Authorization Code field on your phone and click Confirm.


Once code based authentication is enabled, follow these steps to log in via a desktop app.
The following example uses the Sync application, but the procedure is the same for all of the desktop applications.

  1. In the login screen, select Device Authorization Code.

  2. Enter the server URL and the user account name (or email) and then click the Log in button.
    If the request for access is successful, the following dialog box opens.

  3. To get the device authorization code:

    1. Log in into the user website.

    2. Click the arrow next to your username and choose Settings.

    3. In the Settings screen, click the Devices tab.

    4. Click the check next to Needs Approval.

      A dialog box pops up with the Device Authorization Code:

  4. Copy the Device Authorization Code and paste it  into the Enter Device Code dialog box and click Submit to log in.