Working with Offline Files from FileCloud Desktop for macOS

After you make files and folders available offline, you can perform any of the regular Mac Finder actions on them, and the changes are synchronized with the copies in FileCloud. 

For example, in the following procedure, a downloaded file is edited from the Finder. The Activities tab of FileCloud Desktop immediately lists the action as a modification of the file, but when it synchronizes with the copy in FileCloud, the Live tab of FileCloud desktop shows an upload because to sync, the file is uploaded to FileCloud (and overwrites the existing file).

  1. In the Finder, right-click on an offline file (a file with a green circular icon) and choose Open or Open with.

    The file opens in the default or selected application.
  2. Make edits to the file.
  3. Save your edits, and close the file.
  4. Click the Activities tab in FileCloud Desktop.
    The latest activity listing indicates that the file has been modified.

    In addition, the modified file is synced with FileCloud (uploaded to FileCloud) and replaces the original file in FileCloud, so that the edited file is now the same offline and online.
  5. If you want to confirm that the file has been synchronized, open or preview the file in FileCloud and check its contents.