Android App Release Notes

Mobile users can access FileCloud with the FileCloud Android app.

Updates made to the Android app to include new features and fixes are listed below.

DateVersion Updates 
February 6, 202423.232
  • Added functionality for locking and unlocking files and folders to prevent edits by other users.
  • Introduced Shared by Me, a feature that enables users to view and manage a list of items they have shared.
  • Added an option to create shares from the Share Link window that require Digital Rights Management (DRM). When a share recipient clicks the share link, they are shown the file in FileCloud's new Secure Web Viewer which has DRM capabilities.
  • Implemented several bug fixes and optimizations for improved overall performance and stability.
September 8, 202323.1.1
  • Addressed crashes occurring during media synchronization and offline file operations.
  • Improved compatibility with permission management on legacy Android OS versions.
  • Implemented several bug fixes and optimizations for improved overall performance and stability.
July 5, 202323.1.01
  • Admins can now require users to accept terms of service before logging in.
  • A new share screen gives users more share options.
  • Option menus for files and folders now display actions that users don't have permission to perform as disabled.
  • Various bug fixes.
January 18, 202321.3.04
  • Fixed visibility of buttons when Mobile Device Management is applied,
  • Support for importing text files to FileCloud using default mobile sharing.
October 21, 202221.3.03
  • Performance/stability improvement and update to SDK key for document scanner.
March 31, 202221.3.01
  • Improved grid view
  • Fix to document scanning
January 6, 202221.3
  • Full Android 12 compliance and support
  • New biometric authentication (when supported by device)
October 29, 202121.2.1
  • Workflow action fixes
  • Filtering support in import screen
September 24, 202121.2
  • TIF file support
  • Workflow actions
  • Send for approval support
July 9, 202121.1.2
  • Keep file creation date when file is uploaded to Android
  • Various additional fixes
January 7, 202120.3
  • In-app media player
  • Add/edit/delete metadata
  • Color tagging
  • Various bug fixes
September 29, 202020.2
  • Completely new UI design
  • Dark mode
  • Russian language support
May 6, 202020.1
  • Users can now send an email invite when sharing with non-users
  • Uploading is now supported in Favorites
  • Share passwords are now autogenerated 
March 1, 201919.3
  • Arabic translation is now supported
Oct 1, 201919.2
  • There is now support for annotating, signing, and performing additional actions on PDF files.
  • Multiple pages can now be scanned and uploaded as PDFs
  • The 'More info' section now displays metadata for files and folders.
  • Users can now create and edit .txt files
  • The share screen has been redesigned
  • Users can now create direct links
July 1, 201919.1.1
  • New PDF viewer : faster and customizable !
  • Downloads and uploads : overall much faster and more reliable, with a new transfer queue interface
  • Retention : file info screen has been completely redone, and now shows retention info for any file or folder

April 23, 2019

  • Take a picture and upload it from the app
  • Sorting : when using the folder filter, you now have a button to set persisting sort preferences  
  • Auto-login : set an account as default, the app will automatically connect to this account upon launch
  • Save logs locally
  • Simplified interface
February 26, 201918.3
  • Document scanning : scan and upload documents
  • In-app Office files preview (docx, xlsx, pptx)
  • Open share links directly in-app. Requires server version 19.1+
  • New MDM configuration : Restrict authentication type
December 3, 201918.2.1
  • EMM integration : for a list of available configurations please check our documentation
  • Comments support : Read, add and delete comments for files and folders
October 18, 201818.2
  • Search support : Search for files and folders across your server
  • New filtering interface
  • SSO login support (Note : SSO login requires server version 18.2 or higher)
  • Offline sync improvements 
August 17, 201818.1.2
  • Improved photo viewing : Cool  transitions, GIF/SVG support, new loaders
  • Favorites : Support for favorite deletion and favorite list deletion
July 20, 201818.1.1
  • Offline sync
  • New settings screen
  • SD card support
June 1, 201818.1
  • Ability to cancel file previews while they load
May 10, 201817.3.3
  •  Overall new design
  • Pull-to-refresh
  • Interact with folders from the file listing directly
  • Long-press to trigger cut/copy/paste
February 22, 201817.3.2
  • Device code authentication
February 12, 201817.3.1
  • In-app file preview for .pdf and .txt files