May 26, 2021

Patch fixes these issues.
ServerInstallerCL-8959A problem causing Apache and MongoDB to fail to start after installing FileCloud Version 21.1 in Windows 2012, 2016, and 2019 has been fixed.
ServerSecurityCL-8983Unauthenticated users could potentially read the contents of zip files. This has been fixed.
ServerSecurityCL-8985A reflected DOM-based XSS vulnerability has been fixed.
ServerMQCL-8949After the URL was upgraded, the message queue stopped and required a manual restart. Now it restarts automatically.
DriveLocksCL-8971The new version of Drive was not able to lock files; this has been fixed.
ServerMQCL-8949The message queue stops after URL upgrade and required manual restarting. Now it restarts automatically.
ServerRBACCL-8972When a promoted admin attempted to add folder permissions, the browser refreshed. This has been fixed by adding Create permission for Folder Permissions, which must be checked. 
ServerSearchCL-8903A problem causing Advanced Search to return different results for the same search term has been fixed.