Patch Releases: Server and Client

October 15, 2021

Direct upgrade from the FileCloud Admin portal is not available for this patch. You must perform a complete upgrade. 
For instructions, see:
Windows: Upgrade using Update Tool (Windows Only)
Linux: Run the LINUX Upgrade Script

Patch and Patch fix these issues.
ServerADCL-9903Login was not working for users in nested AD Groups. This has been fixed.
ServerADCL-9914Additional log entries have been added to show reasons for authorization failures.
ServerADCL-9987A problem causing AD group sync with FileCloud to fail for users with mixed case email addresses has been fixed.
ServerADCL-10074When AD group sync imports users with mixed case email addresses, the usernames are converted to all lower-case.

Incomplete AD entries were making it difficult for those users to log in and was breaking AD group sync. This has been fixed.

ServerADCL-9983An issue with the Disable Anonymous Binding setting causing the AD connection to fail has been fixed.

To prevent cron from failing, a flag to exclude the fcbackup database check on the server when cron is running has been added.

ServerBackupCL-10037By default, the backup server URL is no longer accessible. However, it can be configured to be accessible.
ServerClamAVCL-9888A problem preventing ClamAV from scanning and deleting files in network shares has been fixed.
ServerComplianceCL-9890An error in compliance status when metadata for rule 120.6 was deleted has been fixed.
ServerContainerCL-9950An issue in how Container definitions are handled was found and fixed.
ServerDLPCL-9815A problem causing disabled DLP rules to appear as enabled after paging has been fixed.
ServerDocumentationCL-10031The link to the Getting Started help from the Installation Checks page was broken but has been fixed.
ServerFilenamesCL-9907Files with names that begin with spaces are no longer allowed.
ServerLicenseCL-9899An issue causing the license installer to update the license for all sites on a server instead of just the sites on an allow list has been fixed.
ServerMulti-tenant, MQCL-9990A problem causing sync DB references to go to the wrong tenant sites has been fixed.
ServerNetwork FoldersCL-9891NTFS permissions were not working for network folders with long paths. This has been fixed.
ServerOnlyOfficeCL-9979A problem causing OnlyOffice to use the default language (English) instead of the user's FileCloud UI language has been fixed.
ServerPasswordCL-9981An issue causing incomplete passwords to appear in share emails has been fixed.
ServerRecycle binCL-9876A problem preventing recovery of deleted recycle bin files when enabled has been fixed.

An issue preventing Limited users from logging on when Salesforce integration was enabled has been fixed.

ServerThumbnailsCL-9879Thumbnail previews that were not working for a number of file types are now appearing.
ServerWOPICL-9941A problem causing webedit to redirect to an internal URL when an alternate URL was set has been fixed.
ServerWorkflowCL-9917An issue causing File Approval requests to show requestor as workflow creator has been fixed.
ServerWorkflowCL-9989The message on a Create Share dialog box that share approval is required was appearing whether or not a share approval workflow was required. This has been fixed.
ServerWorkflowCL-10033A share was requiring approval although no approval workflow had been created. This has been fixed.
ServerWorkflowCL-10036The share workflow was not being triggered correctly. This has been fixed.
DriveApple M1CL-9064A warning was appearing to Apple M1 users that Drive could not be opened.  This issue has been fixed.
DriveDLLsCL-9842A problem causing some DLLs to remain in the install folder after Drive was uninstalled has been fixed.
DriveFailureCL-9915An issue causing Drive to crash has been fixed.
DriveNotificationsCL-9982A problem causing new version update notifications to fail to appear in Drive has been fixed.
DriveNotificationsCL-9274The "Mute all notifications" setting now suppresses the status pop-up window as well as other notifications.
SyncMessagesCL-9935Messages about skipped Thumbs.db files are no longer shown in Sync.