Configure What is Logged

There might be some operations that you do not want logged in your Audit logs.

  • For example, if a specific WebDAV client sends in hundreds of information requests or login requests it can cause your Audit logs to grow quite large quickly.

To configure what is logged, you can:

You can choose to set logging to one of the following levels:

  • OFF - Nothing will be recorded in the Audit log files
  • REQUEST - This limits the logging to requests from agents or clients and the results of a request. The full response to the agent or client is not recorded.
  • FULL - This records entries for all requests from agents or clients, the full response, and the and the results of the request.

To set a log level:

  1. Open a browser and log in to the Admin Portal.
  2. From the left navigation pane, click Settings.
  3. On the Admin tab, scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  4. Under Audit Settings, in Audit Logging Level, select OFF, REQUEST, or FULL.

To configure what information is logged:

  1. On the FileCloud Server, navigate to the following folder:

  2. Open the following file for editing:

  3. Add the following lines:

    Configuration Lines to addNotesExample

    When specified, does not add audit logs for specific FileCloud requests. You can specify multiple requests by using a '|' symbol as a delimiter.

    For example, if you add "deletefile|loginguest", both these operations would not be added to the audit log.

    define("TONIDOCLOUD_AUDIT_IGNORE_OPS", "deletefile|loginguest|createfolder");

    When specified, does not add audit logs for any requests coming in from specified FileCloud clients. You can specify multiple clients by using a '|' symbol as a delimiter.

    define("TONIDOCLOUD_AUDIT_IGNORE_AGENT", "Cloud Sync|Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; WOW64; rv:36.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/36.0|FileCloudDrive");

    (warning) If both defines are specified, then only requests that match both conditions are excluded from the Audit Log.

For example:

define("TONIDOCLOUD_AUDIT_IGNORE_OPS", "deletefile|loginguest|createfolder");

The above configuration will skip adding audit logs when the Cloud Sync client requests to:

  • Delete File
  • Login Guest
  • Create Folder 

(warning) Remember that the information in audit logs can be extremely important for troubleshooting. Be careful not to exclude too much information from your log files.