Identifying a FileCloud Specific Path

For many operations and configurations, FileCloud requires that you specify the FileCloud system path name. For example, when you are configuring a report or a workflow, if you want to specify a path, you must use the path's system name. 

The following table lists the correct way to specify paths for files and folders in My Files, Team Folders, Network Shares, and Shared with Me.

FolderHow to specify pathExample
My Files/username

In this example, to specify the My Files folder of the user with username jessica, use:


If jessica were logged in, and she selected My Files, she would see the exact path in the Details tab in the right panel.

Team Folders/teamfolderaccount

In this example, to specify the Team Folders folder use the name of the account that manages Team Folders:

/team folder admin

An end user who selected Team Folders could look in the Details tab in the right panel and copy the portion of the path after /SHARED

Network Shares/EXTERNAL/foldername

In this example, to specify the Network Shares folder Misc, use:

An end user who selected Network Shares/Misc could look in the Details tab in the right panel and copy the exact path.

Shared with MeCan't be done. You must specify the path from the owner's My Files (use the owner's username)