Detect and Disable Inactive Users Workflow

 This workflow recipe disables a user when the user is no longer active and notifies the user through email once the account is deactivated.

  • The last login date of the user is used to know if the user is Active or Inactive.  
  • You can avoid looking at users who have not begun using FileCloud. 
  • You provide the email ID's to which a report of disabled users is sent.

To create a workflow that detects and disables inactive users: 

  1. Login to Admin Portal
  2. Navigate to Workflow on the left navigation
  3. Click the Add Workflow button
  4. Set the If Condition " If a user's last login is older than.. "
  5. Enter the required parameters in the given format.


  6.  Click Next, and set the Then Action to " Disable user account ".

  7. Enter the Required parameters in the given format.


  8.  Click Next, give an appropriate workflow name and click Finish.

  9. The user accounts are disabled and the notifications are sent once the workflow is executed.

  10. Go to the users list to confirm that the users are disabled.