Mount an NFS share on Linux for FileCloud

FileCloud server might need use storage from devices over network for both local storage as well as external shares. This document explains how to mount a NFS network share on Linux.


Required Packages

Ubuntu: nfs-common

Installing nfs-common in ubuntu
user@host:~$ sudo apt-get update
user@host:~$ sudo apt-get install nfs-common


Use the following command to mount the NFS share

user@host:~$ mount /misc/local

In this command, is the hostname of the NFS file server, /misc/export is the directory that simpson is exporting, and /misc/local is the location to mount the file system on the local machine. After the mount command runs (and if the client has proper permissions from the  NFS server) the client user can execute the command ls /misc/local to display a listing of the files in /misc/export on

The mount point directory on local machine (/misc/local in the above example) must exist.