Reset FileCloud


Sometimes it might be necessary to completely reset all the data in FileCloud and begin fresh. *WARNING* only do this after full backup. It will not be possible to recover data.
Resetting FileCloud requires resetting database and deleting files in cloud storage.

Deleting Files

  1. Delete all files/folders under the local storage path that was configured in your FileCloud installation.

Resetting Database

  1. Start mongo shell, from a command prompt (windows) or bash shell (Linux).

    Starting Mongo Shell In Windows
    c:\> C:\xampp\mongodb\bin\mongosh.exe
    MongoDB shell version: 2.6.1
    connecting to: test
    Starting Mongo Shell In Linux
    # mongosh
    MongoDB shell version: 2.4.10
    connecting to: test
    Welcome to the MongoDB shell.
  2. Run the following commands

    MongoDB commands to reset all FileCloud databases
    > use tonidosettings;
    > db.dropDatabase();
    > use tonidoclouddb; 
    > db.dropDatabase(); 
    > use tonidosyncdb; 
    > db.dropDatabase();
    > use tonidostoragedb; 
    > db.dropDatabase();