The ability to configure ICAP DLP as a provider for FileCloud's CCE is available in Version 20.3 and higher.

ICAP DLP has been added as a provider for FileCloud's Smart Classification (CCE), enabling you set up a content classification rule that flags files for blocking or deletion by DLP rules. You must configure it as a third-party provider in FileCloud to use it with the CCE.

What is ICAP?

ICAP is a generic protocol that allows web servers to offload specialized tasks to custom-built servers. Examples of such specialized tasks include DLP (data loss prevention) based content scanning, URL filtering and antivirus scanning.

Integrating ICAP DLP with FileCloud

  1. Open a browser and log in to the Admin Portal.
  2. On the left navigation panel, click Settings.
  3. Select the Third Party Integrations tab.
  4. Select the ICAP DLP tab.
  5. Fill in the fields according to the table below.
  6. Click Save.

Server Local IP
In most cases, leave the default value of If you are using a separate FileCloud policy with ICAP, enter the Private (LAN) IP of the FileCloud server.  
ICAP Remote Hostname

Enter the hostname or IP of the system where the ICAP DLP is deployed.

ICAP PortLeave the default value of 1344 or use 11344 for secure ICAP. In rare cases, this might need to be changed to whatever port the ICAP DLP server is listening on.
Secure ICAPEnable if the ICAP server is running with SSL or TLS protocols.
File Size LimitTo exclude very large files from scanning, specify the file size limit in bytes. Default value is 25MB.
ICAP Service NameConsult the ICAP DLP server product documentation for this value. It must be set correctly; otherwise, integration won't work.

After you have configured its settings in FileCloud, you can use ICAP DLP with FileCloud Smart Classification to set metadata values.