Advanced Offline Sync mode

This is an advanced feature not meant for general use, please enable and use only if there is something specific that you need to accomplish.

For Local to Remote syncing to be effective, the Allow Users to Backup setting must be enabled in the admin portal. 
For admins, the Allow Users to Backup setting is located in in the admin portal at Settings > Endpoint Backup.

Some users want more granular control over which local folders are synced to which remote folders and in which direction.

There is an "advanced offline sync mode" in sync that allows control of such options.

To enable advanced mode: 

  1. Exit Sync.
  2. Open syncclientconfig.xml, at:

    Operating SystemPath


    Mac OSX{HomeDir}\FileCloudSync\syncclientconfig.xml
  3. Add the following entry:

  4. Restart Sync.

To add a folder in advanced mode:

  1. In the system tray, right click the Sync icon and choose Open.
  2. In the mini-dashboard, click Dashboard.
  3. In the navigation panel of the dashboard, click Offline Folders.
  4. Click Add Folders.

    The Add New Offline Folder dialog box opens.
  5. In Remote Folder, select the location to sync to.
  6. In Local Folder, select the location to sync from.
  7. In Schedule, select one of the following:
    • Manual - Choose this to run Sync manually instead of automatically on a schedule.
    • a sync frequency in minutes or hours - Choose one of these to specify how frequently Sync should run automatically.
    • Choose a different schedule - Choose this to run Sync daily or on specified weekdays at a specific time. The following dialog box, where you can specify your custom schedule, opens:
  8. In Mode, choose one of the following:
    • Sync - 2 way sync mode. Files from local are uploaded to remote server. Remote changes are also synced to local.
    • Local to Remote - One way sync, where only changes from local are synced to remote server. No changes are synced from remote to local. Note that files deleted locally are not deleted remotely. Note: 

    • Remote to Local - One way sync, where only changes from remote are synced to local. No changes are synced from local to remote. 

  9. Click Add Folder.
    Now this location will start working in the advanced offline mode configured.

When advanced offline sync mode is enabled:

  • The backup option is not available unless the Mode is set to Local to Remote.
  • For remote to local syncing (Mode is set to Remote to Local), the modified dates of local folders are updated to the date of syncing, but the server folders keep their original modified dates. The modified dates of local files retain the value of their modified dates on the server.