Run Sync App as a Service

Starting with 12.0, it is possible to run the sync app as a Windows Service.

Install the Sync App to run as a Service

  1. Download and Install the sync app as usual
  2. Start it up and enter the URL, credentials etc as usual and set it up to run as needed
  3. Uncheck the Option for automatic Startup on Login.
  4. Exit the app after settings are done.
  5. Edit syncclientconfig.xml and edit the syncclientlocation and syncfolderlocation to be absolute paths (changed from DEFAULT), for example provided below

    The file is available at one of the following locations:

    • Windows: %APPDATA%\FileCloudSync\syncclientconfig.xml
    • Mac OSX: {HomeDir}\syncclientconfig.xml
    • Linux: {HomeDir}\syncclientconfig.xml
  6. Make sure it matches the sync folder and the data folder that sync has already setup or things won't work. Also make sure skipdelete approval option is set to 1. Otherwise if files are removed, sync service will not be able to show the UI prompt.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
  7. Copy this syncclientconfig.xml to "C:\Program Files\FileCloud Sync\service" folder.
  8. Register the sync client as a service using a command prompt (Administrator Mode). Note the space after each "=" in each param. 

    sc create cloudsync binpath= "C:\Program Files\FileCloud Sync\service\cloudsyncservice.exe" displayName= "FileCloudSync Service"
  9. Start the sync app normally using the Services Control Panel applet.

 Remove the FileCloud Sync app running as a Service 

sc delete cloudsync