Freeing up space

During normal FileCloud usage, users may run out of space even if they don't have usable files that exceed the assigned user quota. There are several reasons this can occur. 

  • If storage of deleted files is enabled, the content of the Deleted Files folder may cause space used to exceed the quota.
  • When users edit/modify/upload existing files, then new file versions are created. The number of versions that are retained may cause space used to exceed the quota. The number of versions retained depends on the administrator settings (default is 3). 
  • When files are uploaded into FileCloud, sometimes the upload is terminated. Some clients try to continue the upload from where it was terminated. Others, such as the browser, restart the upload. This can result in partially uploaded files being present and taking up available space.

One way to free up space is to delete individual or multiple items from the Deleted Files folder. See the section Permanently Delete Files on the help page Perform Actions on Deleted Items.

You can also perform the following operations from the Deleted Files folder to free up space: