Web Edit/Open in . . .

Beginning in FileCloud 22.1, Office extensions .doc, .xls, and .ppt are no longer editable in Web Edit. In Desktop Edit, users may still edit .doc, .xls, and .ppt files.

You can edit Office files, text files, markdown files (.md), HTML files, and log files without downloading them from FileCloud. You can edit supported Office file types in Office Online, Collabera CODE, or OnlyOffice depending on which application you have installed and which application your admin has configured for Web Edit in FileCloud.
The other file types listed above open in FileCloud's built-in editors.
To perform a Web Edit, hover over the file and click the  icon.
For an Office file type, the icon or menu option reflects the external editor available for the file with Web Edit. For non-Office file types, the icon or menu option appears as Open in Desktop or Edit Online. Clicking Edit Online opens the file in FileCloud's built-in editor. If the Edit in Desktop feature is enabled, Open in Desktop downloads the file and opens it in its native application, then automatically uploads it to FileCloud when you save it.

If Web edit is not available for a file type, the icon appears disabled. 

Video: Editing a text file

Video: Editing in Office Online