Logging In to the User Portal

You can connect to FileCloud with your web browser by using a link or typing in the address that you have received from your administrator or service provider. 

You must have the following 3 pieces of information to access FileCloud:

  • FileCloud URL:
    The URL to your site. For example: https://myFileCloudTeamSite.FileCloud.com. Your administrator provides you with this URL.

  • Account: 
    Your administrator either:
    • provides you with this name
    • gives you permission to create a new account yourself for the first time
    • enables you to use the same name as in your organizational login

  • Password:
    • your administrator provides you with your password
    • if you have created your own account, you enter a password
    • your administrator enables you to use the same password as in your organizational login

This information may be in your Inbox. Check to see if you received an Invitation or Welcome message from FileCloud.

Enter the URL to access the log-in screen:

Note: If single sign-on is enabled, a single sign-on link also appears on the log-in screen.

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