Saving Files from Other Apps to FileCloud

On Android, when you are working in another app, you can remain in that app and save a file to FileCloud. 

The following example uses Google Photos to demonstrate how to save files to FileCloud from another app, however, you could use the same process in any app that allows you to save to other apps.

To save files from other apps to FileCloud:

1. Open the other app on your Android device.

2. Create a new file or edit an existing one.

3. Look for icons to Share or Save to in the app

4. The options will show the FileCloud application icon.

5. Select the FileCloud app icon from the list of options.

Your FileCloud folders open.

7. Navigate to the folder where you want to save the file.

8. Tap Import here.

The file is saved in FileCloud, but you remain in the other application.