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/callStarts an AirSend meeting initiated by you.

/channel_locale [new locale (optional)]
Shows the channel locale and optionally, changes it.

/global_locale [new locale]
Changes the user's global locale.

Shows an inspiring message.

/invitee_role [manager|collaborator|member|viewer (optional)]
Shows the current default role for users invited to the channel and optionally changes it.
/join_role [collaborator|member|viewer (optional)]
Shows the current default role for users who join the channel by public link and optionally, changes it.
/kick [@user] [--ban (optional)]
Removes a user from the channel and optionally bans them from re-joining.

/me [emote message]
Message is preceded by your name.



Disables notifications from the channel.

/transfer_ownership [@user]
Transfers ownership of the channel to the target user.

Enables notifications from the channel if they have been disabled.