You can view and control all the sync app's settings from the sync app menu.

1Sync StatusIndicates current syncing status, if syncing is enabled, it is indicated as "ON", otherwise off.
2Enable or Disable SyncAllows you to disable Syncing completely temporarily.
Note that the sync will get re-enabled when you restart the sync app or when computer is restarted.
3Sync NowAllows you to force start a sync process
4Open FolderAllows you to open the sync folder
5Open WebsiteAllows you to open the currently configured Filecloud server via a web browser
6File BrowserAllows you to open the currently configured Filecloud server via the File Browser application
7Syncing status for Managed FilesShows Syncing status for My Files / Team / Shared Folders
8Syncing status for Network Folders and BackupShow Syncing status for Network Folders and Backup
9Recent LogShows recent sync logs, note that this log will clear and refresh if there are many entries
10Clear LogAllows you to clear the sync log
11Logged in AccountShows the currently logged in user account, their profile picture, current used quota. Clicking on "Change" allows you to change the logged in account.
12Selective SyncAllows you to select which specific folders get synchronized locally
13Select Network FoldersAllows you to select which network folders to sync
14Select Backup FoldersAllows you to select which folders to backup
15Recent ErrorsAllows you to view and clear recent syncing errors. Useful for troubleshooting sync problems.
16Skipped FilesAllows you to view files that were not synced and the reason they were skipped.

Sync Activity Log

You can view all the recent sync activities by opening the settings dialog and selecting the "Activity" Tab.

By default, all activities are shown and you can filter by selecting the filter drop-down and selecting either "Errors" or "Skipped" files. 
You can also search activities for a given filename or path by typing in fragments of the string you are searching for.

Activity logs can be cleared or exported as needed.


You can control other options from the settings dialog, including 

  • Account Settings: Change user account and server information used for connection.
  • Selective Sync: Allows you to select which specific folders get synchronized locally
  • Network Folders: Allows you to select which network folders get synchronized locally
  • Backup: Allows you to select which local folders should be backed up
  • Change Sync Folder: It allows you to change the location where the sync folder is stored. You can move it to a different drive for instance if storage space is an issue.
  • Reset All Sync Data: Sometimes, you might want to clear the synchronization state information in the sync app and make it reset all the internal data.  This will make it recreate the sync state again from the server. Note that no files in the sync folder are deleted or affected. ie if the file already exists locally it will not be re-downloaded.
  • Other Settings: You can also edit other miscellaneous settings.
  • Sync settings are shown even when sync is paused so that they can be changed

Other Settings

To set other advanced options, you can select Other Settings → Edit option to see the Advanced tab.

Some users may see a setting on the Advanced tab called: Allow Remote Management

  • This setting allows Sync users to manage their Sync application by overriding an Administrator's settings
  • In some cases, administrators want to disable this toggling
  • In FileCloud Server version 19.1 and later, this option can be shown or hidden in the Admin Portal 

This allows you to control other advanced sync settings:

Proxy SettingsThis allows to set the HTTP Proxy settings (a restart of the sync app is needed) in that case.
Sync FrequencyYou can change the built-in sync frequency from 120 seconds to something faster
Disable NotificationsDisable all notifications including those about new files uploaded or downloaded, errors, and new versions.
The ability to only disable notifications about new files uploaded or downloaded was added in FileCloud Version 19.3. See 20.1 XML Options for Sync.
White Progress IconIf you use a dark background, the sync progress icons might not be easily visible, so in that case you can turn on white progress icon

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