You can share a file with everyone without restrictions.

That means when you share a file, you can leave the default settings as:




Never Expires

This allows any user to download a file an unlimited number of times
Restrict DownloadsNo RestrictionsThis allows you to specify the number of times this file can be downloaded 

Email File Change Notifications


This sends an email notification when a file is opened or downloaded for a public share

Enable Password ProtectionNOThis allows a user to access a file without first providing a password


Allow EveryoneselectedAnyone with the link can access

To share a file with everyone without restrictions:

  1. In the system tray, right-click the FileCloud Sync icon () and select File Browser
  2. In the File Browser  window, right-click the file and then select Share.
  3. On the Share link pop-up window, click Advanced Options.
  4. On the Manage Share for file window, in Share Options, leave the default of Never Expires.

  5. In Restrict Downloads, leave the default of No Restrictions or  select  Restrict to and set a restriction.
  6. In Email File Change Notifications, leave the default of YES or to turn them off select NO.
  7. In Enable Password Protection, leave the default of NO. If you want, you can enable this and set a password.
  8. On the Manage Share for file window, in Share Permissions, leave the default of Allow Everyone.
  9. To save your changes, click Update.
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