Security Checklist: 5 Governance

Use FileCloud's data governance features to ensure the security of your data whether your are protecting personal information, preventing data leaks, or remaining compliant by storing data for required time periods. The following features can help you create a solid data governance strategy.

Note: FIPS 140-3 modules are still in review for Ubuntu 22.04 and RHEL 9.
If you want to install FileCloud with FIPS, please wait until the OS vendors officially announce they are supporting FIPS.


Use metadata to tag files and folders containing important information, such as personal data or company information, so that other governance features like DLP and retention policies can locate files that must be made secure.

See Managing Metadata.

Smart Classification

Use FileCloud's smart classification engine to identify files containing specific words or text patterns, and then tag them with selected metadata, so that DLP rules and retention policies may be applied to them.

See the section Smart Classification.

Smart DLP 

Use Smart DLP or data leak prevention to safeguard against leaking of secure data. Use DLP to create rules that enable downloading, sharing and logging only on conditions you specify such as certain metadata values or IP addresses. 

See the section Smart DLP.

Retention Policies

Create retention policies to specify how long files must be retained and to set limits on other actions performed on them.

See the section Retention Policies.

Compliance Center

Use the Compliance Center to check which regulatory requirements your system meets and which it fails to meet. Currently, the compliance regulations covered are: 

  • ITAR
  • GDPR
  • PDPL
  • NIST

See Compliance Center.


Use FileCloud's digital rights management (DRM) file export feature to export and share files securely by requiring recipients to view them through a secure viewer.

See DRM for exporting secure documents.

Beginning in FileCloud 23.232, a web-based Secure Web Viewer is available as a beta version for viewing files that have been shared with the Allow anyone with Secure Web Viewer link and a password sharing option.

See Secure Web Viewer for DRM.

Zero Trust folders

Show users how to create Zip files within FileCloud and add a password to them to create them as encrypted Zero Trust folders.

For information about setting up Zero Trust folders, see Configuring Zip Files and Zero Trust File Sharing.

For details on how users can create Zero Trust folders, see Working with Zip Files.

Recycle Bin Settings

Use recycle bin settings to make sure unintentionally deleted data can be restored and data that shouldn't be disseminated is deleted.
See Manage the Recycle Bin Using Policies.