Compliance Center

NIST and PDPL compliance checks are available beginning in version 23.232 of FileCloud.

The Compliance Center enables you to check which regulatory requirements your system meets and which it fails to meet. It also provides information explaining why you haven't met certain requirements, and enables you to configure compliance settings.

The Compliance Center

To open the Compliance Center, in the navigation panel, click Compliance Center.

The Overview tab

The Compliance Center opens to the Overview tab. This tab lists your enabled configurations and recent compliance events. 

In the image below, the box under Enabled Configurations displays an icon for each compliance and a slider that currently indicates that it is enabled. The box for each compliance also indicates the number of total compliance rules that are being evaluated and how many of them failed the last evaluation.

Filtering Events

You can click filters above the Recent Events list to only display violation or information events, or to only display events for one compliance. In the following image, the filters are set so that only ITAR events that are informational appear.

Compliance Tabs

There are currently compliance tabs for ITAR, HIPAA, GDPR, NIST, and PDPL. Each tab lists the rules for the particular regulation and whether the system is compliant with each rule or has issues.
You can enable or disable each rule, change the settings that are evaluated, and manually mark a rule as compliant in each tab.

Hover over the description under FileCloud Configuration for more details about how to configure the rule's setting. For even more information, click the row's information icon.
If Status indicates that there are issues, click the warning icon to see details of the issue.

How to set up and check compliance

For each type of compliance that you want to manage, follow these steps to enable and configure compliance checking and review your compliance status.

1) Enable compliance checking

  1. In the Admin portal's navigation panel, click Compliance Center.
    The Compliance Center opens to the Overview tab.
  2. Either:
    Under Enabled Configurations, click the slider for a compliance.

    Click the tab for a compliance, and click the slider at the top of the screen.

After checking has been enabled for a specific compliance, you can enable or disable checking for each of its rules by toggling the slider to the rule's right. Notice that compliance status is checked as soon as you enable the rule.

Some rules prompt you to enter settings when you enable them. See the next procedure.

When you enable certain rules, a dialog box opens and prompts you to enter a setting before the rule is enabled and Status indicates if it is OK or there are issues. You are not required to enter the setting, but if you do not Status indicates there are issues.

2) Configure Compliance Settings

You can configure the compliance settings directly from the Compliance Center for any rules with an Edit icon under Actions. When you enable the rule, you are prompted to enter settings, but you are not required to enter them. See the video above, under Enable a rule that prompts you for settings.

After you configure the setting, you can change it by clicking the edit icon in the row for the rule:

For many rules, you must navigate to other pages in FileCloud and configure settings. The compliance tool will verify that the settings are configured correctly when you enable the rule.

For instructions on how to configure the settings, click the Information icon in the row for the rule.

Some rules only need your verification that you are complying with them. Simply enable the rule to confirm that you have complied. 

You have the option of bypassing FileCloud's compliance checking for most rules, so that whether or not the rule would be considered compliant by FileCloud's verification process, Status will display BYPASSED with a green check. 
Note that you cannot bypass rules that only require you to enable them to to make them compliant, as there is no validation to bypass.

To bypass a rule, enable it, then click the Information icon, and check Bypass check for this rule and mark as passed.

3) Run compliance checks

FileCloud automatically checks a rule for compliance when it is enabled and rechecks compliance for all rules in once per day. If you make changes in your system or want to make sure you have the most recent check, you can manually run a compliance check.

To manually run a compliance check, in the tab for the compliance, click Refresh All.

4) Review compliance status

Review your compliance status regularly to make sure all of your rules remain compliant.

You can view a summary of the number of rules you have enabled for checking, and how many of them failed or were bypassed on the Overview tab or at the top of the compliance tab.

On a compliance tab, you can review whether each enabled rule's compliance check was OK, had issues, or was bypassed by viewing its Status.

If the Status column for a rule displays Issues and an error icon, click on the status to view information about the problem.

Getting more details on how to comply

For basic information on how to comply with a rule, hover over the description under FileCloud Configuration. For more specific instructions, click the Information icon in the row for the rule. To see the text of the rule in the regulation document, click the rule number.

Specific compliance rules and validation

For more details about the rules covered for each compliance and how they are handled in FileCloud, see:

Guide to HIPAA Rules in the Compliance Center

Guide to ITAR Rules in the Compliance Center

Guide to GDPR Rules in the Compliance Center

Guide to NIST Rules in the Compliance Center

Guide to PDPL Rules in the Compliance Center