Install Content Search for Linux

FileCloud advanced search uses Solr (an open source component) for its content search capabilities and Tesseract OCR for optical character recognition (OCR) in content searches. Install Solr and Tesseract on Linux using the following procedures:

Solr installation and upgrade

  • If you have installed FileCloud on a single server, install Solr on the same server using the command:

    filecloudcp --install-solr
  • If you have installed FileCloud on multiple server for high availability, install Solr stand-alone application using the commands:

    curl --location '' -o /usr/bin/filecloudcp
    chmod 755 /usr/bin/filecloudcp
    filecloudcp --install-solr
  • To upgrade Solr, use the same command above that corresponds to your single-server or multiple-server installation. For recent versions of Solr, the following messages should be returned:

Tesseract installation and upgrade

 Install Tesseract on the same server as FileCloud.

  • To install Tesseract, enter the command:

    filecloudcp --install-tesseract
  • To upgrade Tesseract, use the install command, above.

If you experience problems with any of the above installations or upgrades, please Contact FileCloud Support.