FileCloud Site Setup

You must perform certain administrative tasks before FileCloud users can log in and use FileCloud efficiently. Some of the system settings and custom settings that you can configure are listed in the table below by priority and function. 

Beginning in FileCloud 20.1, the option for reverting to default values for all options in the Settings and Customization sections of the admin user interface is located in the Settings > Reset tab. In earlier versions of FileCloud, the option appears in the upper-right corner of all Settings and Customization pages. 

Some of the pages linked to in the following table may suggest making changes to the file cloudconfig.php (this initially appears in your FileCloud installation as cloudconfig-sample.php). After you make a change to cloudconfig.php, make sure you restart the message queue.

Level of Priority

Administrator Settings

Server Settings

Storage Settings

User Access Settings


Access the Admin Portal

Change the Admin Password

Admin Portal Dashboard

Manage Account Approvals


Admin Settings
video: Admin Settings

Basic Settings 
video: Main Settings

Run Cron Jobs and Scheduled Tasks

Configure Backup Settings
video:  Endpoint Backup Settings

Manage Client Security Settings

Configure Share Settings

Choose how to deploy FileCloud Storage
then, set up as applicable:

Set Up Managed Storage (My Files)
video: Managed Storage

If not using, Disable Managed Storage

Set Up Network Folders
video: Network Shares

If using, Set Up Network Folders with NTFS permissions

Configure Team Folders
video: Team Folders

Create FileCloud Users
video: Creating Users

Check User Access Level
video: Managing Users

Create User Policies
video: Policy Overview 
video: Policy, General Tab

video: Policy, User Policy Tab

Create Groups
video: Manage Groups

Manage User Storage Quotas


Configure Email Settings
video: Email Settings

Restrict Access to the Admin Portal

FileCloud Best Practices

Enable MongoDB Bind IP and Authentication

Set Client Application Policies
video: Policy, Client Application Policy Tab

Configure Security Options

Manage User Authentication

Set Up 2FA

Configure Microsoft Office Integration Options

Configure Online Web Editing
video: Web Edit

  • Installing Office Online Server
  • Collabora Code
  • Google Docs Editing
  • OnlyOffice Editing

Set Up Document Preview

Set Up Content Search
video: Content Search

Provides a Better Experience

Add Customization and Branding

Enable Antivirus Scanning
video: AntiVirus Integration


Manage Document Settings

Enable MS Teams Integration

Enable Salesforce Integration

Set Up Notifications for File Changes

Automate Business Workflows 

Enable Folder-Level Permissions

Enable reCaptcha
video: reCaptcha Integration

Advanced Features

Set Up Compliance Checking

  • ITAR
  • GDPR
  • PDPL
  • NIST
Set Up Data Governance

See additional Video Tutorials for help setting up your site.