Restricting Access To Admin UI Based On IP Addresses


Administrators would like to restrict access to admin web UI only for intranet IP addresses or even only when accessed from their PC. Follow these steps, to restrict admin UI access for certain IP addresses.


  1. Stop Apache Server.
  2. Edit the following file, based on the OS on which FileCloud server is installed (adjust these paths for your environment). 

    Operating SystemTypical Configuration File Location
  3. Add the following lines to the configuration. In Windows, lines can be added to the end of the file. On Linux, lines needs to be added inside the VirtualHost configuration.
          <Location /ui/admin2>
                    Order deny,allow
                    deny from all
                    allow from 192.168.
                    allow from
  4. Restart apache, after making this change. Now admin UI will be accessible only from subnet 192.168.x.x and IP

    Old installations which use http(s)://<your filecloud address>/ui/admin to restrict access should change this to http(s)://<your filecloud address>/ui/admin2 and restart Apache for changes to take effect