Multi-Tenancy Requirements

Administrators can install a single deployment of FileCloud Server but still have many different independent FileCloud sites available.

General Requirements

  1. You must have a fully working FileCloud installation before you proceed with Multi-Tenancy. Make sure all the install checks pass and all the checks in Admin portal are without errors.
  2. Only a single SSL certificate can be installed for all the sites, so therefore, it is recommended that you use a wildcard SSL certificate for a main domain say: https://* and then setup each site as a subdomain of the main site, say and
  3. After adding a new site, you need to add an entry in your DNS configuration for the new site to point to the server on which FileCloud is installed. 
  4. When removing a site added previously, only the site is removed from the list, however any data associated with the site or the database is not removed. We recommend you remove this separately to avoid data loss.
  5. Each configured site needs its own license file, you cannot use a single license with different sites.