Password encryption and logging in to a multi-tenant admin portal

Administrators can log in to a multi-tenancy admin portal by logging in to the Admin portal as the superadmin user. The password for the superadmin must be specified in encrypted format in the multi.php file.

FileCloud Version 20.1 includes a script that admins must use to generate an encrypted superadmin password and paste it into the multi-tenant configuration file. 

Note: The default password in the multi-tenant configuration file cannot be used to sign in to the system.

To generate the password:

  1. Locate the script file:
    Windows: C:/xampp/htdocs/resources/tools/security/passwordenc.php
    Linux: /var/www/html/resources/tools/security/passwordenc.php

  2. Run the script. Your password should look similar to the password generated in the following code:

    C:\xampp\htdocs\resources\tools\security>set path=C:\xampp\php
    C:\xampp\htdocs\resources\tools\security>php passwordenc.php
    This tool generates an encrypted password string
    to paste into FileCloud configuration files
    Enter your desired password: testpassword
    Copy and paste the following string:

  3. Copy the string.
  4. Find the sample multi-tenant config file:
    Windows: C:/xampp/htdocs/config/multi-sample.php
    Linux: /var/www/config/multi-sample.php
  5. Copy multi-sample.php, and rename the copy multi.php.
  6. Open multi.php and find the setting:


  7. Paste the string generated by passwordenc.php over the password value:

    define("TONIDOCLOUD_MULTISITE_ADMIN_PASSWORD", '$pbkdf2-sha512$50000$ENIGvUsu3T6rIbI5Bz9DXw$EwNxMRnJrMMjR8xP4nNwgq19voIzmp3bh9ATHXFn41tTybtfrVYTyJVqSxG4jDmMjtGdY7fIH2TopwuNjgFPYw');

    Note: The encrypted password must be surrounded by single quotes (not double-quotes) or it will be broken.

  8. Save and close multi.php.
    The user superadmin can now sign in using the clear text password you entered as your desired password in passwordenc.php.

To login into the special multi-tenancy admin portal:

  1. Open a browser and access the FileCloud Admin Portal.
  2. In User, type in superadmin. 
  3. In Password, type in the clear text password you entered in passwordenc.php.
  4. If Two Factor Authentication access is enabled, then you will need to provide an additional code to continue.